Providing transformative life skills to domestic violence survivors to break the shackles of financial dependence.



Is it possible for beauty to grow from seemingly fixed, hard places?

Our training program helps survivors escape the environment, experience, circumstance or situation that appears to be impossible to overcome - the concrete. When you choose to take hold of your own life and take that leap to transform, heal and grow, you become the rose. Recognizing the defeating patterns and adverse conditions in your life gives you the opportunity to produce beauty within you against all odds.

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It is estimated that the cost of domestic violence over a survivor’s lifetime is about $103,767 for women and $23,414 for men. Financial abuse is not discussed in mainstream media, but up to 99% of abusive relationships encompass financial hindrances to survivors. Oftentimes, abusers will entice survivors back into relationships by coercing them into thinking they will provide everything they need. Survivors often cite financial dependence as the first reason they do not leave a domestic violence situation.


The goal of our program is to reduce the need for survivors to return to dependent situations, whether with an organization or a partner.

A $1,500 investment for each person provides those in the program with all the tools they need to get a head start to financial freedom and independence.



We aim to improve the overall quality of life for survivors.

Partnering with us provides benefits to everyone involved. Through our training course, you can help us succeed in our mission to empower survivors to live freely and independently.


Organizations can partner with us by supporting our financial empowerment program. Our collaboration will give your organization the opportunity to spread knowledge with survivors by providing them a course in business ownership. The program (1) provides survivors within your organization the skillset to actively seek out businesses to purchase with NO MONEY, breaking the cycle of financial abuse, live independently without outside financial assistance and (2) gives your organization the opportunity to create additional income. 



Online Discussion
Readiness Assessment

Work directly with Angela and our coaches to determine organization readiness for the program with a personal consultation. If you need any additional preparation before implementing our training program, you would receive life coaching first! 

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Program Access

Once eligible, you'll receive access to our full online training program which includes a plethora of materials introducing you to the stock market. You'll receive course access, learn how to create your Circle of Wealth and stock portfolio, and more. 

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Program Features

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Words from a survivor who grew from the Concrete Rose Experience

"I am grateful for The Concrete Rose Experience. I represent the LGBT community and a survivor of Domestic Violence. I was trying to find a way to escape the cycle of poverty the majority of women find themselves after enduring this traumatic experience with a person or persons. Trying to heal while rebuilding your life with lack of economic resources is nearly impossible without the support of family and friends. It is even harder to find resources in the community to rebuild. 

I am a recipient of The Concrete Rose Experience scholarship. This opportunity is giving me and other women the tools to create generational wealth and become financially independent. Most domestic violence victims don’t leave because of the lack of finances, skills and community support to live on their own.

Although I had done a lot of healing in therapy, I still needed support. Angela Skipper’s mentoring has given me the inspiration I needed to rise above the effects of the trauma. I have a desire to encourage other women to heal but until my foundation is strong, I can’t be as useful as God would have me to be. Her mentorship has caused me to be accountable to someone that believes in me. She always reminds me that I can do it and that she has faith in me.

Even throughout this pandemic she has been there rooting for me. I appreciate this experience so much. I know that soon I will be equipped with the necessary foundation and skill set that will not only provide the lifestyle that I desire but will also be able to fulfill my purpose of helping other women to escape the cycle of domestic violence.

Thank you is just not enough for the amazing synchronicity of The Concrete Rose Experience. I believe that my soul has endured the concrete and I am a beautiful budding Rose almost ready to bloom. It is time."

- Yvette Mozayik, ‘the souls’ poet’