Meet the Founder



The Concrete Rose Experience™ is founded by Angela Criss-Skipper. Angela is a Domestic Violence survivor, an Ordained Minister, Chaplin, Paralegal, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Domestic Violence Advocate and Faith-Based Mental Health coach. Her gift lies in her ability to motivate others to action, offering engaging and practical application of education and spiritual truth to move them toward becoming their best selves.  Her experience as a life coach began long before receiving her credentials, working in the ministry, with individuals both in the United States and abroad.

Angela is the author of The Concrete Rose Experience - A Journey of Transformation, and was her life experiences that prompted the foundation of this program. Born in Chicago, IL, the youngest of 17 siblings, her first book shares the journey through the cycles of pain through total financial loss thru divorce, experiencing physical and financial abuse, childhood sexual abuse, emotional and narcissistic abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction and Co-dependency. Having a deep-centered desire to learn the ways of God, she has always had a hunger for knowledge and learning how to practically apply the principles of God to transform her life, answer the call to ministry and ultimately be an instrument to change the lives of others. Her words are engaging, her profound wisdom is a result of the many life lessons she has learned and continues to do so in her present challenges.

Meet the Team


Administrative Intern

Lana is a 4th year graduate student in the UConn Psychology Ph.D. program & owns her own company, Lj. Creative Studios.

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Research Intern

Emily studies Victim Studies at Sam Houston State University & has her license as a credentialed advocate for survivors.


Social Media Intern

Diana is a junior in the Animal Science trade at Worcester Technical High School & plans to pursue orthopaedic surgery.


Re-Entry Initiative Intern

Originally from London, Milly is currently studying at the University of Miami, majoring in Neuroscience.

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Research Reporting Intern

Janayah currently studies Biochemistry & Social Work at Johnson C. Smith University.